Being Prepared for War or Natural Disaster

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"Can you Imagine if this was a war?"  My husband said to me over his cell phone.  

This morning, erev chag (before the holiday), I sent my husband out shopping for last minute groceries I would need for the Sukkot Holiday.  The grocery store and parking lot were a mad house!  You couldn't find a parking space.  You couldn't find a free shopping cart, all were in use.  Check out lines went towards the back of the store, as everyone having just coming out of the Shabbat (Sabbath) now needed more groceries to prepare for the next day of festive meals for the family.  ...and this was not even a war.
The Iranian Leader, Achmadinejad has threatened to annihilate the State of Israel.  PM Netanyahu spoke at the U.N. last week about 'red lines' and gas masks and home front command 'suggestions and recommendations' have been distributed to the population these last several motnhs.  ...And you are still not prepared in case a war should break out?  
Now, none of us want a war, and we do not KNOW that there will be a war.  But we must be prepared, just in case.  None of the items you will need for your family are frivolous.  You will need them down the line in any case, and it is better to be prepared, even minimally, than having to be caught with your pants down, and then running to the grocery in hopes it is open, has food on it's shelves, and is not an intolerable mad house which in itself is a nightmare. 
I have just finished a quite intense interview with Dr. William Forstchen, author of the book, "One Second After" about what would happen after an EMP nuclear attack over your skies.  The interview is unnerving, but packed full of information - information that is vital for all to know.  Ironically, a friend of mine in Jerusalem, Howard Linett,  who is a Terrorism Expert, Tactical Instructor, Expert Witness, Author and columnist for 'survival' type magazines sent me an article he wrote (hastily) and asked if I would publish it.  My interview and his piece had no connection, but the timing does give a portending that we should ALL be making (even minimal) preparations.  Here is his piece below, and here is the link to the interview I did on the topic of a nuclear attack.  Pass them around to your friends and family.  You could be saving lives.


Being Prepared for War or Natural Disaster

by Howard (Hanan) Linett

Be Prepared.  No one is going to send a 'John Wayne' or the USMC over the hill to come assist you. Understand that it is most likely that you will be on your own.  Help will not arrive for days, perhaps longer depending upon where you live. 

Expect public utilities will not function.  That means there will be no water flowing from your faucets, no gas flowing to your appliances.  Communication networks will be down and not working.  No electricity = no power, no light, no refrigeration, no cable no phones, no computer.

Many roads, tunnels and bridges will be impassible.  At best travel will be difficult, at worst impossible.  The delivery of food and other commodities will be interrupted.  Store shelves will not be restocked. 

The situation may continue for weeks. 

Think of the following as if you are purchasing "Insurance."

Have as much water put away as possible. 

Wash out plastic bottles that were filled with drinks and fill them with water.  Store out of the sun.  The water is for use in washing, cleaning, cooking and flushing.  You can never have too much.  Also suitable for watering one's dogs and cats.

For drinking you need to purchase a supply of 1.5 or 2 liter six-packs of bottled water.  As much as you can afford and have room to store.  Figure you need 2 six-packs a week per family member.  More if the weather may be Hot.  Have enough for 4 weeks.  You can find sales as inexpensive as 9 NIS per pack.  Refill bottles that came filled with drinking water.  Again you can never have too much. 

You need a source of light.

Make sure you have a supply of candles - several or more boxes of the 72 per box.  Several 7-day memorial candles supply a lot of light at night.  The Friday night candles that come in a metal cup are good for cooking as well as light.

Make sure you have lots and lots of matches.  Have at least 6 packages of 10 boxes wrapped in clear wrapping.

Have a supply of flashlights each with at least three extra sets of fresh batteries.  Make one of the flashlights a super strong one from the SureFire company.

For situations when it is ill-advised to have an open flame, purchase a supply of chemical light-sticks. 

Consider the purchase of some type of "tabletop" battery powered florescent light.

Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA and AAA batteries are worth the extra cost and effort to locate.


Have a barbecue - must only be used in an open and area well ventilated!  Have extra charcoal or gas balloon(s). 

You can buy a inexpensive camping stove or other types of cooking set-up that utilize small propane tanks.  Be sure to have a supply of the proper size propane cylinders.

Do not forget cooking over an open wood fire.  Just set aside the kindling and wood.  Do not forget you need a metal grate to put the food on while it is cooking.


Purchase and put away pasta, beans, legumes, rice, grains, sugar, flour, coffee, tea, oil, cans of vegetables, tuna, Luff (Israeli Spam) and just about everything else you use that does not require refrigeration.  Here is a tip - putting grains and rice in the freezer for 36 hours should kill-off all the unseen "protein" that can hatch several months downs the road. 

Whenever there is a sale I come home with 2 or 3 kilo bags of whatever is less expensive than normal.  Put away lots - you use it, so it isn't like you are going to throw it out.  When you need some of it, use it, just be sure to replace it and continue to buy extra when it is on sale.  Always use the package closed to its expiration date.

Try not to have more frozen food in your freezer than you can eat in three days.  Afterwards what is left will be spoiled. 

If you need milk better get a powdered milk substitute.

Honey, chocolate, jams and peanut butter are superior foods.

Alcohol serves multiple purposes besides drinking; for example Google Vodka and you will find out how it can be used.


If you need presc‎ription medications do whatever necessary to always have a 30-day supply on hand.

First Aid.

Have a well stocked First Aid kit.  Learn basic First Aid and have a good manual on hand. 

Benefit from the experience of others.

Never allow your vehicles' gas tank to drop below 3/4s full.  Have a 5 gallon container of gasoline stored safely and securely. 

You must have a battery operated portable radio that gets reception where you live.

Do not allow laundry to pile-up.  The more clean clothes you have, the less the need to wash clothes when water and electricity are unavailable.

Have a non-electric, hand operated can opener.

You need a pair of heavy-duty work gloves and all your tools immediately accessible.

You need a good sharp folding knife and a quality multi-tool on your belt.

Purchase a survival manual, USMC, Boy Scout Handbook, SAS are excellent.

A large jug of Clorox is a disinfectant and has multiple uses.  Google Clorox Bleach for a list.

An extra supply of white squares of cloth for floor washing can be used to seal under doors.

Consider plastic cups, plates and utensils - they can be discarded rather than washed.

Have a supply of heady duty large plastic garbage bags.

A roll of sealing tape and a roll of duck tape.

Several packages of Wet Ones.

Please do not put-off getting your home prepared.  Now, not later, is the time to go shopping.  Experience dictates that "later" is too late.  "Later" is for gathering your family and running into your shelter or protected room.