Talking Parsha - Beha'alotcha: This is what broke Moshe?

Why is the gathering of the future Sanhedrin intertwined with the story of the People of Israel craving meat?

Tuvia and Yitzi ,

Talking Parsha
Talking Parsha
Tuvia and Yitzi

This week we find a seemingly very bad sequence of events, going from the Sin of the Complainers, to the Sin of the Cravers, through Moshe (Moses) not wanting to lead on his own anymore and Hashem (G-d) telling Moshe to gather 70 people to help him.

The gathering of the 70 people - the future Sanhedrin - and the story of the nation craving for meat, are intertwined, as the Torah goes back and forth between what would seem two separate events.

Why are these two events so connected and linked to each other? Why was this sin, of craving for meat, so terrible, that it brought about Moshe breaking down?