What Kind Of Man Would Do This?

Ever since then, we’ve been living in chaos and dysfunction.

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Martzini's home
Martzini's home
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Penina Martzini raised her four wonderful daughters with her husband for nineteen years. But after nineteen years, he left them.

“Ever since then, we’ve been living in chaos and dysfunction”, says Penina.

Pictures taken of the home confirm the dysfunction with mold visibly growing on the walls and filth spreading on almost every surface throughout the entire apartment. The forty-seven year old woman is the mother of four daughters who are all still living under her wing, but she is very ill and has therefore experienced great difficulty getting herself hired. With four hungry children to look after and no food to put onto the table, Mrs. Martzini found herself facing a humiliating option: To beg on the streets.

Watch Penina tell her harrowing story here:

“He left us with nothing, and our financial situation has become very, very bad. It is painful but I have had to beg for us to even live. I am very ill, too ill to work. Last week I was too ill to go out and beg and so we did not have money for food for the week. That is where we are holding”, Penina says.

It’s gotten so desperate that Penina was discovered by representatives of the Vaad HaRabbanim in Israel who have confirmed the legitimacy of her story and are urgently seeking donors on her and her family’s behalf. With some assistance, Penina and her children could start over. They could make their home a functional one, have a chance to heal and to move forward. But without help, they will continue to spiral. Click here to help a sickly Jewish woman and her four children start a new chance at a better life.