Talking Parsha - Korach: A blossoming staff - that's what makes the difference?

After the earth swallows Korach and his followers, the Jews come to Moses angry - and only stop arguing after Aaron's staff blossoms. Why?

Tuvia and Yitzi ,

Talking Parsha
Talking Parsha
Tuvia and Yitzi

This week we read about a Am Yisrael (the people of Israel) challenging Moshe (Moses) and Aharon's (Aaron) leadership. Though after the ground opens up and swallows Korach and his crowd, you'd think that the message is clear and the story would be over.

However, the next morning, Am Yisrael come and blame Moshe for killing the people of G-D.

Interestingly, Hashem (G-d) tells Moshe to have each tribe bring a staff, and throughout the night, Aharon's staff blossoms and brings fruit.

This raises a question - after all the wonders they have seen, why is this the miracle that "does the trick" and convinces Am Yisrael to stop arguing about Moshe and Aharon's leadership?