Real estate sales booming at Jerusalem Estates

Q1 and Q2 Sales Reach $100 Million Amid Housing Shortage

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 Jerusalem Estates
Jerusalem Estates
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Our sales office has been fairly humming with activity as demand for private living soars. The past half year has been especially busy, with the total sales currently at $100 million (!) for the first two quarters of 2021.

We’ve been attributing that to the timeless desire of every Jew to dwell in the holiest land in the world, combined with the undeniable appeal of a most transcendental living experience, borne of the collaboration of Israel’s best management and construction firms.

We have also seen a steady rise in real estate prices, particularly in desirable areas such as Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim. Consistent with the population growth rate, the land resources for housing are in increasingly short supply.

In fact, Zev Elkin, the new Minister of Housing, has publicly stated that he could not lower housing prices and according to his expectations, they would continue to rise.

Here at Jerusalem Estates, the demand is greatly pronounced. In fact, rapid progression in Phases I and II has compelled us to proceed with the marketing and execution of the buildings in Phase III - HaLulav and HaOgen.

Our residents have done their share of contributing to the clamor by telling their friends about the remarkable living experience afforded at Jerusalem Estates, from the character of construction in their residences, to the immaculate lobbies, to the expansive, serene quality of the Amphora Garden. Contact our sales office to experience the reality for yourself by calling 718-564-6656, or click here >>>