The Man Who Made Doctors Believe in Miracles

They sent him home and told him to say goodbye. He held on for another four months, but then he was gone.

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Din family
Din family
Vaad Harabbanim

On the sidewalks of the Israeli city of Kiryat Gat walks a Jewish mom much like mine or yours. This mom, however, isn’t the same smiling woman she used to be six months ago, pinching the cheeks of babies and always on her way to run an important errand for her kids. This mom is Shoshana Din, and just a few months ago, she lost her husband to cancer. Now her eyes are dull, her shoulders slouched by loss and the weight of her debts. Her children walk alongside her but she keeps a slow pace. Life has defeated her.

Six months ago, father of ten Yisrael Din was diagnosed with cancer, too late to do anything about it. The cancer had spread throughout his entire body and he was sent home to be with his family until he passed. Even the most secular of doctors felt it was a miracle that he lived another four months.

When Shoshana woke one morning to find Yisrael gone from this world, she did what most mothers would do: She thought of her children, and how to break the news to them, and to comfort them. For days they cried and mourned, and then Shoshana began looking for jobs. Having spent her entire life caring for a home while her husband supported the family, she was at a loss. Medical debts weighed heavily upon her heart. The amount of food in the fridge got smaller, and the stack of bills got higher.

In just a few weeks, Shoshana’s son is getting married. On the outside she smiles, like my mom or your mom would, to show her support. But inside she cries, because she has nothing to give her children, and nothing to even give herself. Her son does not even have a suit to wear to his wedding. The chuppah date draws nearer and they are missing the essentials.

The Yisrael Din Memorial Fund has been opened by Vaad HaRabbanim to help make the wedding, and also to help Mrs. Shoshana Din, a mom just like so many moms you know. If she were your mom, what would you do?