HORRIFYING: This Is Why You Should Take Your Kids’ Complaints Seriously

Gila could never have guessed in a million years how much their lives would change that day.

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Gila Eisenbach
Gila Eisenbach
צילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Sometimes, everything changes in a moment.

When Gila Eisenbach’s daughter came home from school complaining about stomach pain almost a year ago, Gila could never have guessed in a million years how much their lives would change that day. But after taking her daughter to the hospital, the mother’s worst fears were confirmed: Her eighteen-year-old daughter Chani had cancer.

Ever since then, Eisenbach's lives have completely flipped upside down. Chani’s bone cancer was only discovered in its later stages. Life for the family became a physically and emotionally exhausting series of long bus rides with Chani to the hospital for chemotherapy and back, appointments with specialists, and hours of tear-filled psalms.

For some strange reason, chemotherapy simply hasn’t helped. Several days ago, the doctors gave Eisenbach family news which might change everything.

“The doctors are urging us to fly Chani to Budapest immediately where a famous oncologist can save her.” Chani explains.

But the simple Israeli family scrapes by from month to month as it is, and simply do not have the savings to afford the flight and treatment out of pocket. With what the doctors describe as days left, the Eisenbach family has opened a crowdfunding page where they are desperately hoping that readers will do what they can to help save young Chani’s life, spread the word via social media channels, and most importantly, pray.

“I am never one to ask for help, but right now, we are talking about my daughter’s life,” wrote Gila in her vulnerable message.

“It feels like just yesterday that Chani was a spunky teenage girl, talking and laughing with her friends, not a care in the world. Now, she cries in bed most of the day from the severe pain, from exhaustion, from worry. She is such a sweet girl. Please, please help us. She is only eighteen. ”

Unfortunately, Chani’s life depends on the one thing her parents don’t have: Money. To help Chani Eisenbach when her parents can’t, click here.