Thousands Of People Have Done This. Have You?

“We can’t thank you all enough for all that you are doing for us!”

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חיה רוזנבוים
חיה רוזנבוים
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By now, thousands of readers have donated towards the charity fund page of Chaya Rosenbaum, a little baby who is battling a severe heart defect. Chaya’s parents had flown from Israel to New York as per their doctor’s insistence when their daughter’ health took a turn for the worse. Even though they left everything familiar behind and had very little money, the couple explained that they would do anything to save their child.

Miri and Dovid’s main hurdle was funding- The surgery and various expenses involved were estimated at over $100,000. Incredibly, due to the moving generosity of strangers across the world, they have now reached their goal and much to their relief, the surgery that Chaya’s life depends on is scheduled for next week.

“We can’t thank you all enough for all that you are doing for us!” wrote Miri on Chaya’s campaign page.

“May we hear only good news.”

The Rosenbaums ask that people keep little Chaya in their prayers. The couple has also added an additional $15,000 to their original goal amount due to several upcoming expenses related to their surgery. (Click here to help). They wish to relay to the public an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the donations, support and love that they have received from complete strangers over the past few weeks.