Likud: Bennett's obsession with being different from Netanyahu hurts Israel

Likud party criticizes announcement PM Bennett's first speech to the UN will be different from Netanyahu's famous speeches.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu,
Naftali Bennett and Benjamin Netanyahu,
Knesset spokesperson

The Likud party on Thursday strongly criticized Prime Minister Naftali Bennett ahead of his speech at the United Nations General Assembly next week.

Bennett's spokesman said that his speech would be different in style from Netanyahu's speeches - there would be no aids, Bristol boards, illustrations, or other props. The core of the speech will be the defense of the State of Israel against those in the world who judge it unfairly, including international institutions and the UN.

Part of the speech will be dedicated to the Iranian threat, but instead of a lengthy warning about the progress of Iran's nuclear weapon, Bennett will simply pledge that Israel will "do what is necessary" to defend itself against Iran.

The Likud responded: "Bennett's obsession with differentiating himself from Netanyahu is costing the State of Israel dearly in the struggle against the coronavirus, the struggle against the Iranian nuclear threat and the political struggle against the Palestinians."

"If Bennett had been as obsessed with COVID as he was with Netanyahu, he would not have delayed two months in bringing the vaccines that Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered for the citizens of Israel, thus preventing the tragic deaths of many of the 1,200 Israelis who died an unnecessary death from COVID," the party said.

"As for Iran, instead of strongly expressing Israel's opposition to the return to the nuclear deal on every stage, as Prime Minister Netanyahu did cautiously, Bennett declares that he will not campaign against the return to this agreement," they added. "This, after already restricting Israel's operational freedom of action when he pledged that there would be no counterterrorism operations against the Iranian nuclear program that would surprise the United States."

"As for the Palestinians, unlike Prime Minister Netanyahu who for many years resisted tremendous pressure to divide Jerusalem and led to American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the opening of a US embassy in the city, Bennett succumbed to pressure and has not refused the US demand to open a Palestinian consulate in Jerusalem.

"Instead of ridiculously attacking Prime Minister Netanyahu's many successful speeches at the UN, Bennett should read these speeches carefully and learn how to capture the attention of the world and mobilize it for the interests of the State of Israel," the Likud party said.