Netanyahu: The citizens see how bad this government is

Opposition leader tells party its stay in the opposition will be temporary.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin Netanyahu
Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Opposition leader and Likud chairman MK Benjamin Netanyahu opened the Likud's first faction meeting in the winter session this afternoon (Monday).

"Israeli citizens see how bad this government is. The (coalition) think they are safe, but we know the world is round. We were already in the opposition with 12 seats and we came back strong - so it will happen this time as well," Netanyahu said.

He said, "It will happen because of their failures, because of the omissions, because of the bad mixtures. We will maintain our determination and keep our lines cohesive."

Netanyahu also referred to the immigration laws that will be discussed in the Knesset this week. "On Wednesday, there will be a test for the government. We submitted an amended, renovated and sophisticated immigration law. Something that will be good for all Israeli citizens. I ask for full mobilization in support of this."

In the closed part of the meeting, the Likud chairman added, "The government is failing to pass dozens of laws it seeks to pass because of the filibusters. We intend to exacerbate the situation. Do not give them a minute to breathe."