David Ben-David of the Israel Aid Mission
David Ben-David of the Israel Aid Mission David Ben-David
He wasn't a doctor, he was an engineer living in Florida, but that didn't stop David Ben-David from organizing a team of Jewish rescue workers and flying down to earthquake stricken Haiti to save lives.

Ben David, a 32-year-old South African Jew, spent 4 years in the South African Police service where he learned basic paramedic training and learned how to lead teams in crisis situations. He studied mechanical engineering in Durban, and eventually moved to Palm Beach, Florida, where he founded an engineering company. He attended religious services at the Palm Beach Synagogue, and lived comfortably.  

Then, on a Tuesday, January 12th,  2010, an earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale struck Haiti, which culminated with over 200,000 dead, 300,000 injured and more than 1,000,000 made homeless. 
He spoke about how this natural disaster changed his life, when he was interviewed on Arutz Sheva's News & Views radio show with Tamar Yonah.   
"I sat down one morning after I saw the images that came through on the news from  Port-au-Prince, I sat down with the gentleman of my morning minyan, and I said, Guys, we have the ability to do something here, to save at least one life, two lives, five lives, we have the man power. Let's get together and brainstorm as to what we can do."

Who am I? I am nobody. I can't do anything.

When asked by Yonah why he, an engineer, decided to organize a mission to go down to Haiti and not leave it up to the U.S. Government or professionals in the medical field, he stated, "Well Tamar, you are 100% correct. You'd be surprised how many times people say to themselves, "Who am I? I am nobody.  I can't do anything.  I don't have the skills for this.  And you'd be surprised how effective people can be if they put their minds to it and if they decide on a goal and commit to it."  

Other team members Ben-David recruited to go to Haiti with him were doctors, nurses, bus drivers, ...and your "average Joe" who had decided that they wanted to help, he said. "Everybody from our drivers to our loaders to our doctors, to every single facet of our staff plays an essential role. Nobody plays more of a role; nobody plays less of a role."

It was at that time that the Israel Aid Mission was born, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to delivering emergency nutrition, medical treatment, security and shelter to disaster zones in Israel and worldwide.

Ben-David was quick to share stories, adventures, and life threatening situations during the interview. Yonah stated that Israel may be facing an emergency situation herself in the coming months, with a possible attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, and that in response, Israel could expect a harsh retaliation from Iran, the Hizbullah, the Hamas, and other surrounding Arab countries.

"How do you suggest Israeli citizens should prepare?" she asked. Ben-David, who made aliyah two years ago and now lives in Israel, agreed that he believes a war is looming with Iran, and he strongly encouraged people to collect the necessary items to keep in their homes for times of emergency.  

He then proceeded to list the items of food and drink that each person needs per day to sustain themselves for approximately a month's time. Also suggested was an emergency pack filled with your important documents, a change of clothes and hand sanitizer, to grab for a needed quick escape.  

To hear his other suggestions on how to prepare for a possible war or natural diaster in your area, click HERE.

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