War Preparations
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Below is a list of emergency items, as well as ideas of what to have packed in case of a quick escape in times of an emergency, whether it is a war or a natural disaster and wherever you are on this planet.  

A lot of Israelis have secured their gas masks in case of a war with Iran.  But what else will they need to prepare for? And what does everyone need to prepare for if there is a war with Iran? Could a war spill over to American bases, installations and population centers? If Iran retaliates, they have threatened to hit American targets as well.  

Arutz Sheva's Tamar Yonah spoke with David Ben-David, a rescue and emergency expert from the Israel Aid Mission on her News & Views radio show.  Ben-David gave out a list of essentials to pack and have on store, to help save you and your family in times of trouble -wherever you are in the world.  Bring a paper and pencil if you listen to this show!  [Listen to the show here]

Also, Tamar is joined by former Islamic terrorist, Walid Shoebat, where they discuss the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the USA.  Has justice been meted out to the perpetrators?  What role did Saudi Arabia play in the planning and funding of the attack, and why have many of these Saudis not been prosecuted or punished?

The Israel Aid Mission recommends that all Israeli citizens immediately collect the following items in order to prepare for a possible expected regional war within the next few months.
All items should be secured in cases that can be easily carried and stored in an accessible location, ready for evacuation to a shelter. Quantities and special instructions are also posted below.

1) Gas Mask (1 per person) [Listen to the radio show if you cannot procure a gas mask, alternate details are shared there.]
2) Food [minimum per person] (2 cans of tuna, 2 granola bars, 1 small chocolate bar per person per day for between two and four weeks)
3) Water (1.5 liters per person per day for between two and four weeks)
4) First Aid Kit (bandages, non-stick gauze, bandaids, antibiotic cream, iodine solution, cotton swabs, pain medication, anti-diarrhea tablets, etc. Consult a pharmacist for a complete list.)
5) Flashlight
6) Battery-powered Radio [or hand crank radio]
7) Spare Batteries
8) Rope (30 Meters) ....

For the next 16 important items, as well as ideas and other tips that were dicsussed on the show, click HERE.

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