IDF tanks in Gaza region
IDF tanks in Gaza region Ofer Tzidon, Flash90

A senior IDF source said on Channel 10 that according to defense establishment estimates, "the chances of the outbreak of war in 2017 are slim."

The IDF estimate is based on the latest conflicts in the Middle East which have "weakened Israel's enemies."

He added that both the Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza have no interest in opening a front with Israel at present.

He emphasized Hezbollah's weakness which is due to its intense involvement in the civil war in Syria and the many casualties it has suffered which have decreased its motivation to open an additional front at present.

With regard to Hamas the senior source said that it is much weaker than in the past due to the loss of foreign support. Despite this the source warned that the dynamic nature of the area could lead to the breaking out of unforeseen conflicts.

"Intelligence reports suggest that no side is interested in conflicts in 2017," the source said, adding that Iran is the main terror center in the region but it has also been weakened by its involvement in Syria.

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