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It was just over a year ago that Jerusalem Estates received its building permits. Today, most of the 9-floor building skeletons have been completed - a truly astounding feat that has far, far surpassed expectations.

The developers of the unprecedented luxury project attribute the dizzying pace to their belief in "simultaneous, not sequential" construction - an approach that has resulted in an accelerated timetable for the project. During this time, a large portion of the apartment frames were completed, as well as the model apartment - a moment that thousands of prospective buyers all over the world have long been waiting for.

At this monumental juncture, let's take a brief look back at some of the highlights from the previous year:

- At the beginning of the year, the final building permits were received. Ground was broken on the spacious, impeccably-designed underground parking lots, which will only be accessible to Jerusalem Estates residents.

- During Kislev, a tour was held with city engineer Shlomo Eshkol, who, after receiving a tour of the project, referred to Jerusalem Estates as "an extraordinary project" and "a beautiful development". Mr. Eshkol was particularly impressed with the project vision of conserving the inherent history of the compound, while enhancing it with a distinctly luxurious feel.

- During Nissan, three cranes began operating simultaneously in the Schneller compound. The unusual volume of machinery in an area of this size is yet another example of the unparalleled effort and ambition of the project developers to exceed expectations - both in quality and in timetable.

- Shortly thereafter, the world-famous Jerusalem Gardens Company, widely considered the cream of the crop in the field of stone construction, began executing the stonework for the project.

- Last but not least, construction began on the much talked-about lobbies. One by one they are being finished, greeting visitors with a stylish gallery, and huge arched openings that bring in the light and majestic atmosphere of the outer boulevard.

Prospective buyers are invited to come and see the breathtaking quality and beauty of this truly unprecedented project in person.

To coordinate a tour, please contact our sales representative: 02-5025502


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