Rabbi Eliyahu pays condolences to Shnerb family
Rabbi Eliyahu pays condolences to Shnerb family Yoni Kempinski

Tzfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu paid a shiva visit to the Shnerb family home in Lod Sunday after Rina Shnerb was murdered in a terrorist bombing attack on Sunday.

After leaving the home, Rabbi Eliyahu spoke to Arutz Sheva. "We are coming here because it is a pain we all share, not just the family. It is a family that has come to Lod to connect with the people of Israel and has been here for decades. The project and the seed they planted became a big orchard full of blessing and when they pay that price it's very painful."

Rabbi Eliyahu praised the family's strength. "I met a family here which is strengthened by the pain. It's hard to say such a thing when you are still in the shiva, but you really see the pain and how they use the pain to grow stronger. I hope that from this place the government will also draw strength."

The rabbi also noted that the site of Friday's bombing attack, the Ein Bubin spring next to the town of Dolev, was also the site where Danny Gonen was murdered by a terrorist in 2015. "The first thing I thought about was Danny, who was killed in this place, and I spoke to his mother - Deborah Gonen. Her pain was sure to return, so I called her to comfort her. She is also from Lod and her son was killed in this same place. Surely, when an attack is repeated twice, it requires the government to reconsider how the same mistake was made multiple times. How can they treat terrorists with kid gloves, give them nice conditions in prison, release them with payments to families and expect no terrorist attacks."

"We unfortunately know that attacks took place everywhere. Everywhere a Jew goes, they kill him, whether in Israel or abroad, whether in France or Tel Aviv. In the Dolphinarium, in Afula or elsewhere. We should not give them excuses. Jewish blood is not cheap anywhere, whether here or in the settlements."

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