Rabbi Lau marks 76 years since liberation
Rabbi Lau marks 76 years since liberation Eli Itkin

The “Day of Salvation and Liberation" of European Jews from the Nazis, held on 26 Iyar to mark the Nazi surrender and rescue of the refugees, and commemorating the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war against the Nazis, was celebrated on Friday night under the auspices of the European Rabbinical Conference. Events were held in synagogues worldwide: Budapest in Hungary, George Town in New York, Stockholm Sweden, Sydney in Australia, Djerba in Tunisia, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Belarus in Ukraine and over twenty synagogues across Russia.

As customary, the opening event was a prayer and thanksgiving gathering at the Kotel headed by; The Chief Rabbi of Israel and the President of the Great Rabbinical Court, Rabbi David Lau. Rosh Yeshivat Mir Rabbi Yitzchak Ezrahi, Rabbi of central Netanya and member of the Rabbinical Chamber Rabbi Moshe Chaim Lau and Rabbi of the Kotel and Holy Places Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. The President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, Vice President of the Conference and Rabbi of France, Rabbi Chaim Corsia and initiator of the Liberation and Rescue Day, Mr. Gabriel German Zakhareev sent greetings.

Three hundred chief rabbis, and Dayanim from twenty-five countries around the world joined in a live broadcast for prayer and thanksgiving, adding a plea to the Creator of the world; For the patients of the epidemic that is still raging in Europe and for the uplifting of the souls of the victims of the Meron disaster and the healing of the wounded. The rally was attended by representatives of the Kremlin and ambassadors and heads of Jewish organizations around the world.

Rabbi Lau concluded his remarks; 'The good because your mercy is not exhausted '- for our brethren in European countries who are still plagued by the Corona epidemic. for our brothers and sisters in Israel who have seen great miracles ‘for we are always hoping

In his greeting to the participants of the rally, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt said that thanks to Mr. Gabriel German Zakhareev’s initiative, “the people of Israel remember the quarter of a million saints who were messengers of the Creator, killed in the war against the Nazi beast. This year, unfortunately, another day of remembrance was added when a week ago, 45 Israelis were killed in one of the places sacred to the Jewish people, where tens of thousands of our people have been celebrating for hundreds of years on Lag B'Omer - we pray for their souls. We send our condolences to the families and pray for the speedy recovery. “

Rabbi Chaim Kursia said that 'being a Jew means knowing how to give thanks. “We are the witnesses of the witnesses, Holocaust survivors we promise you; We will tell the history forever. Today is the seventh day of the Meron disaster. We will pray for their holy souls and we will always remember to give thanks and praise for each and every day as King David teaches us; "give daily thanks to G-d" in Health and Peace.”

The initiative to mark 'Liberation and Rescue Day' is led by Governor Gabriel German Zakhareev, Vice President of the Russian Jewish Congress and President of the World 'Stamagi' Foundation, who thanked the rabbis of Israel and Europe for their support and encouragement; “I will continue to do as much as I can to assimilate our duty to thank and glorify His blessed name and to remember His holy people in prayer, in thanksgiving and charity in writing Torah scrolls and studying Mishnayot, as is the pathe we follow from generation to generation.”

Speaking at a rally at the Great Synagogue in Moscow, Rabbi Moshe Lebel, the rabbinical director of the European Rabbinical Conference and Rosh Yeshivat Torat Chaim in Moscow, said that "memory occupies a central and sacred place in Judaism - Mr. German Zakrayev was privileged to remind us of G-d's grace for his people through the ‘Day of Salvation and Liberation '. We are commanded to remember, memory had has value when it is followed by action, and Mr. Zakrayev exemplifies this when he generously supports Torah institutions in Russia and the Land of Israel, upholding the nation with constructive memory and strong heritage.

In his annual letter for "Day of Salvation and Liberation," Russian President Vladimir Putin wrote to the Jewish people; This day commemorates the heroism of the Red Army and Allied armies, who defeated the Nazis and saved the Jewish people and other peoples from total annihilation - the mark of liberation and salvation on the Hebrew day, supported by religious and social organizations, unites humanity around humane values and ideals. And I am sure that it strengthens the bond between the generations and enriches the religious and spiritual historical tradition of Judaism and serves to educate to patriotism."

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