Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

The Likud party responded to the post of Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett in which he accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of "creating a smokescreen of cult of personality for a leader, whereby anyone who dares to criticize him is severely attacked" and criticized the prime minister's conduct during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

"The next government will have to face enormous challenges at home and abroad - Hamas, Iran, international pressure to displace localities, protect our soldiers and commanders from the International Court of Justice in The Hague and stop riots within the country's borders," the Likud stated,

"Only a right-wing government led by Prime Minister Netanyahu will be able to successfully deal with all of these challenges - and not a left-wing government that depends on the Joint List and in whose security cabinet are Nitzan Horowitz, Tamar Zandberg and Meirav Michaeli sit," the Likud noted.

"There are politicians who speak right-wing and act left-wing," the Likud said of Bennett. "As they publish seemingly 'right-wing' posts and articles that are out of touch with reality, they continue to move to the left. Even after Hamas' deadly attacks, the violent riots inside Israel, and the resumption of talk of a Palestinian state that would be a huge Hamastan, they continue to work for a government that would be dependent on the leftist parties of Lapid, Meretz and Labor."

"The time has come for them to clearly state that they will not join such a government, and that they will join a right-wing government headed by Netanyahu," they added.

"Prime Minister Netanyahu led Israel to be the first in the world to get out of the coronavirus crisis, led a campaign that inflicted heavy blows on Hamas that set it back a decade, mobilized broad international support that enabled the IDF to complete its mission, and stopped the riots within the country by recruiting the Border Police and the Shabak. This is all the difference between leadership that works with determination, responsibility and success at the national and international level and politicians who are busy tweeting and writing articles," the Likud concluded.

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