MK Orit Struck
MK Orit Struck Rafael Levy

The Knesset's Ministerial Legislative Committee has voted against a proposed item of legislation submitted by Likud MK Miki Zohar that would have frozen all government benefits to terrorists and their families.

Responding to the vote, MK Orit Struk and MK Avi Dichter called it "spitting in the face of terror victims."

"This committee decision spits in the faces of bereaved families and indeed in the faces of the entire Jewish community," they said. "More than 90% of the country supports such a law. We won't wait four months to submit it again, nor will we wait even four days. In another three days, we will submit another proposal to pass this legislation."

Struk and Dichter added that, "The members of the Legislative Committee, including its chairman, who also signed the law, are invited to act in accordance with their consciences and public positions. The State of Israel will no longer be turning the other cheek to terrorists."

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