The year was 2010.

Rabbi Dan Roth set out to discover:

How could Torah learning truly come alive for today’s generation?

It didn’t take long for the answer to be uncovered –

And Torah Live was born.

Of course that was only after hundreds of hours of research. Cutting-edge technology. Hollywood-level graphics. State-of-the-art video. 3D animation. Cartoon characters. Special effects. And a whole lot of behind-the-scenes troubleshooting.

And now, thousands and thousands of video views later, Rabbi Roth knows he’s hit the mark. Torah Live is revolutionizing Torah education.

Because Torah Live was founded on a simple but powerful belief:

In a generation consuming more digital media than ever before, it’s possible to spread more Torah than ever before.

The mission was simple. And the impact was immediately felt:

Kids and adults the world over, viewing Torah topics, gaining a vastly enhanced level of interest and understanding.

Hours spent glued to their screens - but instead of consuming the mind-numbing content of the day, kids are being nourished with eternal, mind expanding Torah treasures. Learning. Growing. And being inspired.

They are truly…

Hooked on Torah.

The year is 2021

Rabbi Dan Roth is on a new mission

to take the magic to the next level

With the launch of its all new Torah Live 2.0 website.

More programs. More videos. More gaming options.

More kids learning Torah, loving every minute!

Incredible plans are in the works -

But we need your help to bring them to fruition. To bring entertaining, engaging and interactive Torah learning to Jewish homes and schools around the world.

With Torah Live Kids are thriving. Parents are fascinated. Teachers are animated. Events are coming alive.

And you can energize the revolution. Kids hooked and holding onto Torah.

Be a part of it. Let’s turn show time into grow time.


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