The Rage of Islam

Tabitha Korol,

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לבן ריק
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Tabitha Korol
Tabitha Korol, author of "Confronting the Deception" (on Amazon), began her political writing with letters to the editor after her retirement, and earned an award from CAMERA (Committee on Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) "in recognition of outstanding letter-writing in 2009 to promote fair and factual reporting about Israel." She was cited as one of America"s modern-day, articulate, patriotic women in Frederick William Dame"s Three American Fur Hat Fighters for Freedom. Her essays appear on Arutz Sheva, Centinel 2012, Dr. Swier, Israel"s Voice, Jewish Press, JewishVoiceNY, Christian Action Network, Conservative News & Views, iPatriot, Liberty News & Views, Lobbyists for Citizens, RenewAmerica, The United West, Trevor Louden's New Zeal, WebCommentary, and others. She revised David Silberman's book of Holocaust survivors" accounts for publication, and proofreads/edits for a monthly city newsletter. ...

To preserve his irrational sense of honor, the Moslem man must blame others for any wrongdoing. Conforming to this perverse logic, United Nations Human Rights Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Dubravka Šimonović, blames Israel for the violence committed by Palestinian men against their own women.  If Israel’s retaliatory attacks were indeed the cause, and because Hamas’s rocket and mortar attacks far exceed that number, shouldn’t the Israeli women be even more abused by their husbands?  But that is not the case.

It begins in the home. Family life is a microcosm of the surrounding culture.  Inside and outside the Islamic home, there is oppression, subordination, envy, animosity, shame, enslavement, and emotional and physical pain for any deviation.  Moslem women are among the poorest, most oppressed, and least educated in the world, and caged by their cumbrous shrouds in the insufferable desert heat, by their misogynist sharia laws, and by their chauvinist husbands.  The 7th century Bedouin woman’s attempt at privacy and protection has become a symbol of humiliation, servitude, and protection from men who are raised to lack restraint.  Thus clad and maltreated, there is no natural interaction between the sexes, such as found elsewhere.  Not only are the women deprived of freedom and individuality, but they are also denied sunlight and Vitamin D, and more likely to develop osteoporosis, experience pelvic fracture during childbirth, and have babies who are disposed to seizures.

The Moslem family is the hatchery for abnormal be‎havior, its dynamics providing constant frustration.  Just as Islam seeks to dominate all other religions, so the man seeks to dominate all within his dominion – the employer who humiliates his employee, the husband who beats his wife, and the father who kills his daughter for his “honor.”  It is seen in the pain needlessly inflicted on cattle brought to slaughter during the Islamic holiday of Eid.  The sounds of the men’s sadistic torture, and animals bleating and bleeding in the streets, increase their indifference to cruelty and the value of life.  All of these are nurtured within the family.

While the Jewish state sounds alarms to take immediate shelter from incoming rockets, the Palestinians provide no shelter.  Rather, they often po‎sition their launch sites at schools or hospitals, adding women and children as human shields to increase the death toll from Israel’s reprisals and garner more world compassion.  While Israel provides playground shelters, Hamas teaches children to decapitate with swords, handle automatic rifles, and employs them to construct terror tunnels.  Irreverence for life is widespread throughout Islamic culture, and is both cause and consequence for Palestinian anger and aggression.  It cannot be attributed to Israel’s retaliations.

Another assault on Islamic women is the Female Genital Mutilation performed on young girls – an excruciating, barbaric procedure of castration done without anesthesia to suppress her sexual desires, guarantee her virginity and ensure faithfulness before marriage.  The risks include interference with normal female bodily functions, infections, exsanguination and death, and psychological impairment as the young cannot emotionally rebel against their parents.  They face another agonizing reversal surgery prior to marriage.  How long before this, too, is blamed on Israel?

While boys and girls in western cultures learn to communicate and socialize with each other, pursue their choice of careers and mate for marriage, Moslem youths are kept apart.  The sexual attraction found throughout the entire natural world is spurned by Islam as “shameful”; they attach an unhealthy negativity to all aspects of sexuality.  Social segregation leads to discomfort, fear, and hostility.  Arab men learn to hate women and indulge in homosexual be‎havior with boys or effeminate men (considered an acceptable substitute), thereby emasculating the victimized male.  The result is sexual confusion.  The intense sexual repression and misogyny emerge as the rage and rape seen in the youths who are sent to the lands of the infidel.  The husbands remain unhappy, confused, and violent.  Yet Israel is blamed for the degenerate be‎havior with which Islamic society is riddled.

In some Moslem societies, consanguineous marriages are encouraged, often producing sick, dysfunctional children – suitable, perhaps, for jihad martyrdomPolygamous marriages with as many as four wives are also acceptable but deprive all of the intimacy and security found in faithful monogamous marriages.  The effects of polygamy are favoritism and divisiveness, neglect, deprivation, jealousy and bitterness.  The women are stuck in a loveless marriage, beaten into submission, and robbed of friendships.  Further, the Koran and Hadith sanction beating wives, with encouragement and guidelines provided on television by the Mufti of Gaza.

The children in such arrangements often grow to be resentful of their half-siblings, disrespectful of or deeply angry at their father, while feeling contempt and shame at their mother’s subservience.  A loveless household breeds scorn and provides the perfect setting for the young male to become a stern husband and father, an unquestioning suicidal murderer, or a deranged sadist who reaps sexual satisfaction from causing pain and degradation.

All the aforesaid fester in the daily life of the Islamic home.

For fourteen centuries, Mohammed’s examples of looting, enslavement, decapitation and conquest have been the paradigm for his followers.  The price of constant war and bloodshed has been their humanity.  Islam keeps its adherents unschooled and severely restricted, lacking in compassion, courtesy, industry, and deficient in empathy in the suffering of others.  Instead of yielding happiness, comfort and security for its people, this religious, political, cultural, and economical warring ideology produces indoctrinated partisans, dedicated to hate the infidel and conquer land for their god.  To feed the war machine, there must be constant illiteracy, stress, anger, blame, shame, and no bonds to love or family.  The individuals are kept focused on their own anxieties and the state’s passion for a caliphate, taught during prayers five times daily.

A study conducted by Oxford University has shown that the male must make as many as 34 head-to-prayer-mat contacts five times per day, often resulting in a zebibah and traumatic brain injury and mental disorders.  The practice is known to cause irritation, aggression, depression, and cognitive impairment, all to feed the cult and war mentality.  Known as TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), it can affect thinking (memory, reasoning), sensation (touch, taste, smell), language (communication, ex‎pression, understanding), and emotion (depression, anxiety, personality change, aggression, social inaptness).  It can cause epilepsy, and increases the conditions for age-related Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders.

Simonovic is sympathetic to the culture but cannot define it.  Apart from prayer rugs, Islam has produced nothing but state-of-the-art terrorism techniques over the centuries.  Their cultural accomplishments are kept to a minimum with half the people’s brain power confined under hijabs and burqas, and the other half driven to riot, kill, or commit suicide, as the outworking of the aberrant be‎havior that is inculcated from cradle to grave.  Creativity flourishes in a free society; slave states produce tears.

The greatest fear to Moslem men may now well be the threat of modernization and the liberation of women.  Throughout fourteen hundred years of history, the men have had their humbled dhimmis, the social and sexual inferiors that have bolstered their self-worth and warped sense of honor.  The culture of the west and of Israel threaten Moslem male dominance.  Add to this, their sense of resentment that their beleaguered and despised neighbor, Israel, has proven to be culturally, economically and militarily superior to the Palestinians, a horde that has failed to produce a similar or better society during the same time, despite the world’s generosity.

It is obvious that the violence inherent within the Moslem male has its roots in the lurid instability of the home, the mosque and their society in general.  Tragically, instead of addressing the real source of the problem, Moslems are trained to blame anything but themselves.  Islam has had many “whipping boys.”  Blaming Israel’s retaliatory actions for Moslem violence, as proclaimed by Ms. Simonovic, is like accusing the victim of antagonizing his attacker by defending himself.

Disturbingly, Islam appears to have been masterfully crafted to be the antithesis of Judaism and Christianity that preceded it.  The Bible celebrates life; the Koran sacrifices it.  Wife-beating is merely one of innumerable components that form the atrocity of Islam and threaten the survival of humankind.