Confused about Chabad

Tzvi Fishman,

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Tzvi Fishman
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Without question, the followers of Chabad do wonderful work all over the world keeping the flame of Judaism alive in the hearts of the Jewish People.

Beginning this evening, the 19th of Kislev is a holiday for Chabad, the day Rabbi Dov Ber, the second Lubavitch Rebbe, was released from prison in 1826 after being incarcerated by the Russian government on false charges. Unfortunately, the Jews of Russia continued to be oppressed and persecuted for generations to come. With the rise of Communism and the Soviet regime, hundreds of thousands of Jew were killed and Judaism was wiped out completely. Considered the “Rosh HaShanah of Chassidut,” the Tachanun prayer of mourning and repentance is not recited in the Chabad community during the two-day celebration.

In contrast, the followers of Chabad recite the Tachanun prayer on Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel Independence Day, and on Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, which they do not consider holidays. Like Haredi communities, they do not saying the Hallel prayer of thanksgiving on these days, nor do they, as a general rule, participate in festive barbecues or flag-waving parades.

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Today and tomorrow, the adherents of Chabad are holding a gala celebration in the Jerusalem Convention Center in honor of their holiday. I am confused.

Why celebrate this day with great fanfare and not celebrate on Israel Independence Day, and on the day when Jerusalem was liberated from foreign occupation, events marking miracles for all of the Jewish Nation? Can someone explain?