On with the Gay Parade!

Tzvi Fishman,

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לבן ריק
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Tzvi Fishman
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On With the Gay Parade!!

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If you are going to let women parade half naked around the streets of Israel, then you have to let the gays parade around too. What’s the difference? It’s a democratic country, isn’t it? If you support women’s rights, then you have to support gay rights as well.

Sorry, ladies.

If you want to protest against the gay parade on the basis of Torah, then you have to protest against the parade of immodestly dressed women as well. Both are forbidden by the Torah. What’s the difference?

In fact, the daily parade of under-dressed women may be even worse. The Torah forbids homosexuality, but it does not forbid homosexuals to walk down the street. In contrast, a Jewish woman is not allowed to parade the streets with her poopik showing like some belly dancer from Beruit; or with her chest on display like the cheap wares in a discount store window; or with her behind bursting out of her bottoms; or with her bare legs stretching along across the street from Acco to Beer Sheva; or with her naked back and shoulders reflecting the glare of the sun like the solar panels on Jerusalem rooftops.    

So if you are one of those who staunchly maintain that women should be left alone to parade around half naked on the streets of the Holy City, then you should defend the rights of gay people as well to conduct their parade.

Be fair. Be liberal. As the songs says, “Live and let live. Your business is your business, and my business is mine.”