The Jewish Word's June 'Jerusalem' issue

The Jewish Word magazine has published a special issue on Jerusalem in honor of Jerusalem Day. Read it here on Arutz Sheva.

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Jewish Word Cover
Jewish Word Cover

It is no surprise that the Sivan 5766/June 2016 edition of The Jewish Word, the new, well-received magazine published by the Religious Zionists of America (RZA) since early 2015, is dedicated to Jerusalem. This week, after all, marks the start of the fiftieth year since the miracle of the Holy City's unification.

In this issue Rabbi Yaakov Shapira, Dean of the Religious Zionist flagship yeshiva Merkaz Harav, recounts the dramatic stories of Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook and his late father, Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira and the city, but also talks about the special atmosphere of today's Jerusalem.  

The issue also includes the first person story of Naomi Guttfried, who, as a nine year old, underwent the surrender of the Old City during the War of Independence, Uzi Narkis' immortal words that tell the story of reaching the Kotel in 1967, and an eye-opening visit to Mount Zion, a location considered by most to be a gate on the way to the Kotel, but which has a fascinating story of its own.

One page of the magazine features a unique poster on Jerusalem created by terror victim Naama Henkin, young mother of four and an Emunah College graduate in graphic arts, shot in cold blood with her husband Rabbi Eitam just this past Hanukkah. Other posters by Emunah graduates along with photos and paintings by Michael and Inna Rogatchi of the Rogatchi Foundation form a collage designed by talented Israeli graphic artist Matti Shriki.

Today, a united Jerusalem has to be defended by knowledge, not just military power. Noted experts and scholars have written articles in this issue of The Jewish Word, to equip readers with information about the spurious attempts to deny Jewish roots in Jerusalem, the real story behind Islam's claims to Jerusalem, the use of psychological warfare in the fight over Jerusalem – and the archaeological evidence of ancient Jewish life in the city discovered by the City of David.

How do hareidi Jews look at Jerusalem Day? Can a secular Jew feel at home in Jerusalem? What lies behind the intra-Religious Zionist controversy about ascending the Temple Mount?

Arutz Sheva has decided to bring readers the version of the unique magazine, whose staff is headed by Editor Martin Oliner, RZA Chairman, and Deputy Editor Rochel Sylvetsky.  

For the sake of Jerusalem.

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