IDF prepares amid fears of Ramadan terror wave

Yehuda brigade preparing for terrorist attacks that may occur during Ramadan, soldiers in Judea and Samaria on elevated alert.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Soldiers in training
Soldiers in training
IDF spokesperson

On Wednesday morning, the Yehuda Territorial Brigade conducted a training exercise to prepare for possible disturbances and terrorist attack during the month of Ramadan.

All of the battalions of the brigade took part in different training exercises to prepare for any scenario which could arise during this sensitive period. During the training, the brigade's medical, intelligence and gathering forces were also trained, with the clear goal of being prepared and ready for any challenge in order to prevent terror attacks in the brigade sector.

"Within the framework of the processes of improving our fitness and readiness as a brigade in general, and especially during the Ramadan period, we carried out the brigade exercise. All of the anticipated reference scenarios were trained for," said the deputy brigade commander, Lt. Col. Nir Yogev.

"The importance of such exercises is paramount and we will continue to do everything in our power to be best prepared for any challenge," he said.