Bus brings Palestinian Arabs to Jerusalem's Old City

Israeli authorities allow bus of PA women and children to enter Jerusalem, allowing passengers to pray at Temple Mount.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Arabs disembark outside Damascus Gate
Arabs disembark outside Damascus Gate
Israel Police

Prayers during the third Friday in Ramadan ended without any security issues.

Israel Police, for the first time since Ramadan began, allowed buses from the Palestinian Authority to enter Jerusalem's Old City.

The passengers, mostly women and children, prayed on the Temple Mount.

The buses passed through the Bitunya and Mizmoriya checkpoints and were approved by COGAT and the Civil Authority. They were accompanied by Israel Police from the moment they passed through the checkpoints until they reached the Old City's Damascus Gate.

The passengers disembarked at Damascus gate and walked through the Old City to the Temple Mount.

When the prayers had ended, the Muslim women and children boarded their buses and were taken back to their hometowns through the same checkpoints.

Later the same day, a Border Police officer was killed and four others were injured in a terror attack.