Violence in Rabbinical Court

During hearing in Netanya Rabbinical Court, husband strikes lawyer representing his wife slapping her in face. He was detained by police.

Mordechai Sones ,

A man struck his wife's lawyer today during a court hearing in Netanya, cursing the judge and calling him a "big dog".

News 2 says the woman suffers from violence by her husband and is staying in a battered women's shelter. During a hearing in the Rabbinical Court, the lawyer clarified that the woman is not interested in returning home and is interested in getting a divorce.

The husband then hit the lawyer, slapping her face. "The blow the attorney received was so strong she fell to the ground," said Court Chief Secretary Rabbi Alon Arbiv. "She was bleeding from her face and the security guards who arrived immediately took control of the assailant and called police.

"This is a very unusual case, and this is the first time I've encountered something like this in 21 years I'm here," Rabbi Arbiv added. "Raising a hand is a serious thing for someone doing their job. We're unwilling to accept any manifestation of violence in our court and now it's a matter for the police."

The Israeli police said that "after a report was received about an attack on a lawyer in the Netanya Rabbinical Court by a man in his 30s, police forces arrived at the scene and detained the suspect for questioning at the police station. An investigation was opened to clarify the circumstances of the incident."