A nightmare flight

Passengers land in Madrid twelve hours after leaving Tel Aviv - because of in-flight violence.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flight lands (illustrative)
Flight lands (illustrative)

A charter flight from Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport to Madrid operated by the Czech "Travel Service" company landed forty minutes after takeoff in Athens, Greece, after a passenger hit a stewardess and two of the other passengers, Israel Hayom reported.

The violent passenger is believed to have been drunk at the time of the incident. He was removed from the flight by Greek police.

According to Israel Hayom, Flight QS1870 left Ben Gurion Airport two hours late. Forty minutes later, one of the passengers, who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, began acting out.

"He hit one of the stewardesses and two passengers," a QS1870 passenger wrote on Facebook. The other passengers managed to overpower him, crying and screaming. The pilot decided to make an emergency landing in Athens. Instead of arriving at 9:15, which was when we were supposed to arrive, I don't think we'll arrive at all tonight."

After the emergency landing in Athens, the flight landed in Prague for a change of crew, in order to allow the weary crew to rest.

They landed in Madrid at 5:16 the next morning (local time), approximately 12 hours after taking off from Tel Aviv.