Netanyahu threatens early elections

PM says court deadline and haredi party's unwillingness to compromise of Draft Law will force government to dissolve.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Netanyahu and Litzman
Netanyahu and Litzman
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Sunday that he would call for early elections if a new Draft law is not passed quickly

"If there is no breakthrough and compromise by the haredim within two weeks, we will decide at the beginning of thenext month on a date for elections," Netanyahu said this afternoon.

Knesset Chairman David Amsalem criticized the Supreme Court this morning, after the court ruled that the State must pass a Draft Law by December.

"We asked for seven months so give seven months. Why three? Why humiliate us?" He asked in an interview with Radio FM 103.

He explained that the Supreme Court was not supposed to intervene in the recruitment issue. It's not someone's private business, it's a country with responsibility. The intervention of the High Court of Justice is not an issue, and recruitment is a social rather than a legal issue, and if there is no law, who will enlist the ultra-Orthodox?

According to him, without the draft law the government will fall apart. "If we do not succeed in passing the draft law, we will go to elections," he said.

"Supreme Court justices are removed from this event. They're sick of it? This isn't someone's private business, it's a country with responsibility. The Supreme Court's involvement is not normal. The Draft Law is not a legal issue, it's a social issue. If there were no law, who would draft the haredim? We need to legislate with understanding."