Watch: Security guard attacked at Haemek Hospital

Shibli Arabs dissatisfied with treatment given their relatives confront doctor, attack guards.

Mordechai Sones ,

Family attacks guard, Afula
Family attacks guard, Afula

Police arrested two Arabs who attacked a security guard at the Emek Hospital in Afula after they were unsatisfied with medical treatment given to their relatives.

The suspects, residents of the village of Shibli, aged 23 and 33, will be brought today for a hearing at the Nazareth Magistrate's Court on the request to extend their remand.

The hospital said "while a woman was being treated in the emergency room after a fall, her family threatened medical personnel, cursed them, and rioted until the staff felt threatened. Security guards were summoned to the scene and tried to extract the people from the emergency room while the vicious family members continued applying violence.

"Police were summoned to the scene to help security guards take over the incident, and complaints were filed against the family. The hospital will not tolerate violence against staff members and will not accept it. In any case of violence, complaints will be filed with the police, and we expect the law to be exhausted against the attackers," the hospital said.

Haemek Hospital, Afula
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