'Kahlon expected to honor promises to south Tel Aviv'

Jewish Home Party initiates empowerment amendment to Infiltrators Law to be submitted next Sunday to Ministerial Committee on Legislation.

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South Tel Aviv
South Tel Aviv
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The Jewish Home Party will champion legislation to solve the infiltrators problem.

The proposed "Abridged Empowerment Clause" to be discussed by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation as early as next Sunday will seek to apply the Empowerment Clause specifically to the Infiltrators Law that the Supreme Court canceled - thus enabling the law to be implemented.

The proposal, headed by MK Shuli Mualem-Refaeli, calls this is a political test for Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon.

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"For months now he's been dragging the government to the left and preventing enactment of the broad Empowerment Clause, so now we're leading the narrowly defined bill that talks specifically about infiltrators," said Mualem-Rafaeli.

"I expect him to keep his promises to the residents of southern Tel Aviv," she said.

Meretz Chairwoman MK Tamar Zandberg said in response that "the smell of elections in the air and the government has already begun the liquidation sale in preparation. Now's the time to spew all the populism in order to draw another vote in the primary and another quarter of a Knesset seat and to hell with rule of law.

"Instead of looking at the Western countries, the Israeli government continues to leer at its dubious friends who are destroying democracy in their own country, while acting in an orderly and methodical manner against all governing bodies of the law, and marking them like targets in a shooting range. The Israeli public won't give up rule of law as easily as they think," says Zandberg.

Southern Tel Aviv residents demonstrate against infiltrators:

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