AliExpress lists Nazi military car sticker

Site sells 'German Iron Cross and Eagle of the German Reich' sticker, after removing Nazi toy figurines following protest.

Tal Polon ,


China-based retail website AliExpress is currently listing for sale a car sticker of a Nazi military decoration .

The site advertises a sticker showing a “German Iron Cross and Eagle of the German Reich, 1933-45, WW2, German army.”

Prices for the sticker range from $4.93 to $13.57.

The site had caused outrage at the end of March when it listed Nazi toy figurines for sale. Each figurine was listed at $3.

The figurines were removed from the site shortly thereafter, according to Channel 20.

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel at the beginning of April thanked Jack Ma, who chairs the Alibaba group of which AliExpress is a subsidiary, for delisting the figurines after Ariel wrote to him.

“Producing these figurines as children’s heroes is insulting,” Ariel wrote on Facebook, noting that he is a child of Holocaust survivors and that his mother’s family was murdered by the Nazis. “Children’s games with the likeness of Nazis described as legitimate games could lead to an increase in anti-Semitism.”

“I thank my friend Jack Ma for removing said figurines from the site the moment he received my letter.”

“The Chinese nation played a significant part in saving thousands of Jews during World War II, and the Jewish people will always be thankful for that,” Ariel added.