Left demands recess hearing

'Democratic Union' Party initiates special plenary hearing in recess: 'Right turning Israel from democracy to banana republic.'

Mordechai Sones ,

Flash 90

The "Democratic Union" Party initiated a special plenary hearing following the publication in Haaretz newspaper about talks between Ayelet Shaked's emissaries and Prime Minister Netanyahu's staff.

The party began collecting 25 signatures, the move led by anarchist MK Tamar Zandberg.

"The picture that comes up even makes the Bar-On Hevron affair pale in comparison," Zandberg incited. "We urge all Knesset Members who cannot stand the corruption in Blue and White, Labor, and the Joint Arab List to join the move.

"The Right, led by Shaked and Netanyahu, is turning Israel from a democracy into a banana republic where state affairs are run like a mafia. The upcoming elections are about the soul and image of the State of Israel, the Declaration of Independence. It's not that the upcoming elections should be won - the upcoming elections must be won."

Yesterday, Yamina party leader Ayelet Shaked responded to a report by Haaretz that emissaries sent on her behalf proposed to the Prime Minister to influence the Attorney General as part of her attempts to get a place saved in the Likud.

"There is a low and ugly attempt to discredit me here," Shaked said. "If the words quoted were said by one person or another, they are certainly grave, but they have no connection with me and haven't been said with my knowledge. I never spoke to the Attorney General about criminal cases, let alone the Netanyahu files. I trust the public to be smarter than that."

Zandberg shakes hands with PA President Abbas
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