Little known but important facts to know before visiting Israel

Despite how much many people think they know about the country, there are vital facts that are often missed out.

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Map of Israel
Map of Israel

It is never surprising that for many people globally, Israel makes it to their bucket list as one of the must-visit locations in a lifetime. Nothing less would be expected of a nation with rich historical and religious linkage, that have made it stand out for ages. Still, despite how much many people think they know about the country, there are vital facts that are often missed out. Similar to the feeling of visiting any country for the first time, the excitement of going to Israel always comes with the worries on what to expect. Fortunately, the country has heavily invested in the well-being of their tourists, given the millions who visit each year, and there is always little to be concerned about while there. But, to have the peace of mind while in Israel, the following facts will go a long way in making your trip super exciting;

1. There are tight security checks at the airport

Regardless of why you are visiting Israel, it is important to be prepared for the tight security checks and interview on arrival. As a nation that highly values its protection, this not something to scare you but give you the confidence of days, weeks, or months of pleasure within its borders. The secret is to have your answers straight and avoid being anxious as the aim is only to allow the right people in the amazing country. Generally, after the checks and interviews, you will be provided with a paper slip or visa that you are to safely keep and produce when required.

2. The Israel weekends are a little different

Popularly known as the Shabbat hours, the Sabbath for Jews has resulted in Israel weekends starting on Fridays and coming to an end on Saturday evenings. This means that is you are planning to visit religious areas; it is important to tailor your trip to factor in the unusual weekend. The working days are Sundays to Thursdays, and most businesses remain closed for the weekend, but there will be still a lot to engage in as a tourist.

3. Dress appropriately and do not forget to carry a three round-pegged electrical adapter

While Israel is a melting pot of cultures and styles that has attracted people from every color and creed, there are still lots of religious areas. It is therefore important to be dressed appropriately, especially when visiting religious sites or in areas like Jerusalem’s old city, the West Bank, and Tsfat.

4. Gambling is illegal, but there are other ways to have fun

As a tourist, you must accept the fact that you will not have the pleasures of walking into a casino as gambling activities are illegal in the country. The only exceptions are the National Lottery and sports betting that many people who love gambling participate in regularly. However, if you love casino games, then you can join other local Israel citizens by relying on online platforms like NetBet Austria. These online platforms will give you access to all exciting games that people worldwide participate in while ensuring you do not break any of the local laws.