Another Israel supporter from Saudi Arabia arrives in Israel

A Saudi journalist that visited Israel criticized the Palestinians, "They should have agreed to a state in 1947."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

After the Saudi blogger, Mahmoud Saud, who visited Israel, and has since written multiple tweets supporting Israel, another Israel supporter from the Arab world has arrived.

Galei Tzahal spoke to the Saudi journalist who came to Israel along with two Iraqi citizens, he was willing to be interviewed but refused to reveal his name. "There is nothing preventing complete diplomatic relations with Israel. It's different to peace with Jordan and Egypt, this is an agreement between governments, not nations."

"Why should we have problems with Israel and the world's superpowers, just because of a tiny Arab minority? This minority had the opportunity to have a state in '47, they refused because they were too focused on the Jews not having a state."

At the end of the interview, he said in Hebrew, "I love the state of Israel and all of its citizens."