Meretz and former Deputy Chief of Staff agree on joint run

Israel Democratic and Meretz sign agreement to continue political cooperation between the two within the framework of the Democratic Union.

Ben Ariel ,

Golan and Horowitz sign agreement
Golan and Horowitz sign agreement

The Israel Democratic Party and the Meretz Party on Tuesday evening signed an agreement to continue the political cooperation between the two within the framework of the Democratic Union list.

According to the agreement, MK Yair Golan, who is serving in the Knesset on behalf of the Israel Democratic Party, will be placed in the number three spot on the slate.

Horowitz said after the signing, "This is a very happy and important occasion. I was the first person in the previous elections who led a significant move to unite the left, and now we are taking another step. In this election we are renewing the alliance of the Democratic Union. Together with my friend, MK Yair Golan, former Deputy Chief of Staff, a man of great stature, a true warrior for peace and justice."

"In the coming days, we will be presenting additional candidates on the list. At this moment, I am particularly appealing to my friend, Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz, to come with us for an alliance to unite the left in this election. Only a great alliance on the left can bring about the establishment of a center-left government and the removal of Binyamin Netanyahu. Only a great alliance on the left can bring about social justice, a political solution, a struggle to end the occupation and conflict. Only a great union on the left can bring the hope to Israel that we so much desire,” he added.

Golan said, "It is time to replace the bad and embarrassing combination of anxiety and personal arrogance with national pride in Israel. We start with the first step, a courageous and important step. A security-policy initiative can be implemented to regulate the situation in Gaza and bring security to the people of the south. This is the most important and essential thing for the State of Israel. This move can create strong regional partnerships and alliances that will strengthen the State of Israel."

Meanwhile, negotiations with MK Stav Shaffir, who was also part of the Democratic Union in the last election as head of the Green Party, are still stuck.

Shaffir had recently been in conflict with Knesset members from Meretz who were planning to place her in a lower spot on the party’s slate for the March election.

Shaffir strongly attacked the initiative to move her down from the number two spot on the slate and called for the holding of open primaries under a united party.

Other reports indicated that Shaffir had demanded to be appointed minister if the Democratic Union joins a coalition after the March elections and also demanded to be chairwoman of the party or of a joint list in the coming elections. Shaffir denied those reports.

Shaffir, who referred to Meretz as the “dinosaurs of the left”, recently softened her demands and offered the Democratic Union to keep the list united in the upcoming elections.

In her offer, Shaffir proposed keeping the agreement as it had been prior to the September 2019 elections, and agreed to give up her demand for the list's second spot as well as her demand to hold primaries.