Only 4% of 'Palestinians' support Trump initiative

78% support further non-violent demonstrations, and 64% support violence, intifada, escalation.

Mordechai Sones ,


A survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Public Opinion Research on the Trump Mideast initiative showed that 94% of "Palestinians" oppose the deal, while only 4% support it.

The survey, which included 1,270 people from 127 communities in Judea and Samaria, found that 84% believe the PA should withdraw its recognition of Israel, 77% support terminating security coordination with Israel, and 78% support continuing "non-violent demonstrations". However, 68% believe that Abbas will not stop security coordination with Israel despite his promises.

A Channel 13 News report said that participants were also asked about the appropriate ways of responding to the announcement by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu.

While 78% of the "Palestinian" public support continued non-violent demonstrations, 64% support violence and return to the intifada. However, 73% said the PA was unlikely to allow escalation and return to armed struggle.