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2 Days Left To Vote In World Zionist Congress Elections

U.S. area election for the World Zionist Congress ends in just two days, on March 11, 2020. Vote to make your voice heard in Israel.

Alan Silverstein ,

Ballot box voting poll station
Ballot box voting poll station

NOTICE: World Zionist Congress (WZC) Voting Runs from Jan 21, 2020 to March 11, 2020, ending in just two more days. One billion dollars in funding is at stake. Your vote is necessary to block Israel's enemies from using these funds to harm Israel's future.

The WZC elections, held once every five years, dictate who gets which positions and portfolios in many Israeli organizations. Whoever wins seats in the elections can influence which groups these funds will support and in what manner. Any slate that claims to be Zionist can and is running, including those who propose terrible ideas for Israel.

There are 15 slates running in the U.S. WZC election. Some of these slates have wonderful sounding names like "Torah for Everyone," which – after reviewing their platform and website displaying the groups comprising it – is decidedly anti-Israel. I recommend reading the platforms of the various slates for yourself, but if you have limited time, the end of this article contains the names of the slates that I believe are acceptable to people who want to strengthen Israel and the Jewish People.

At stake in this election is an enormous sum of money that can be used for healthy Zionist causes, such as redeeming land in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, as well as social and educational projects assisting children and families throughout Israel. Depending on the political and ideological leanings of the winning slates, money would or would not flow to such causes.

The Left slates (ARZA, Mercaz, HaTikvah, and others) have been controlling many important portfolios for years, and have stopped monies from flowing to organizations and groups that seek to strengthen, nurture, and protect Israel. Instead, they use the money to fund anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activities under the guise of progressivism.

With your help, this can easily change. We have few opportunities as Jews living in America to protect Israel. This is one of them and it is an easy one.

We need you, your family, and your friends to register, vote, and spread the word. Anyone 18 and over can register to vote. Talk about the election in your communities, and encourage people to vote. Voting only costs $7.50* per person ($5.00 for age 25 and under). And your vote for the right slates can help direct funds in Israel to good places.

Don't wait until the deadline and miss this easy opportunity to be a partner in protecting Israel. Voting ends in just two more days, on March 11, 2020.

If all good Jews register and vote for true Israel-loving slates, we could change the agenda in our favor and influence monies flowing to redeeming, reclaiming, purchasing, and strengthening Jewish life in Israel, and specifically in Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.

Slates working to strengthen Israel and the Jewish People:

  • ZOA Coalition
  • Vision (which used their power from the last elections to redirect JNF funds to Judea & Samaria)
  • Mizrachi Orthodox Coalition
  • Eretz HaKodesh
  • Ohavei Zion


Click to register and vote: https://azm.org/elections

Alan Silverstein is a pro-Israel activist living in Los Angeles.