A plague of human locusts

Life in the US may change drastically for young adults in the wake off local law enforcement's failure to deal effectively with the riots.

Rabbi Nachman Kahana ,

Rabbi Nachman Kahana
Rabbi Nachman Kahana
אתר האינטרנט של הרב

I viewed today a video of human locusts descending upon Macy’s department store in New York.

In itself this is a tragic sight, but ever more so when taking into account that this scene has repeated itself in many places across the US.

The President is taking a forceful position and may soon order the US army to fill the void created by either municipal incompetence or understaffed local police and National Guard.

The President has realized that the respective law enforcement agencies are ineffective and drastically understaffed. He will by necessity, as I have predicted and warned many times in the past, reintroduce the Selective Service bill (draft) which was nullified in the 1970s.

There are many thoughts which I want to share with you, dear reader, this week, however they all pale before the most clear, pressing, and important message: send your children to Israel now.

Get them away from the inevitable insatiable appetite of the draft. To yeshivot Yes, to university Yes, to the IDF Yes, to pick vegetables in the Negev Yes; just send them here.

Once the bill is passed your lives will take a turn for the worse.

Rabbi Nachman Kahana is a Torah scholar, author, teacher and lecturer, Founder and Director of the Center for Kohanim, Co-founder of the Temple Institute, Co-founder of Atara Leyoshna – Ateret Kohanim, was rabbi of Chazon Yechezkel Synagogue – Young Israel of the Old City of Jerusalem for 32 years, and is the author of the 15-volume “Mei Menuchot” series on Tosefot, and 3-volume “With All Your Might: The Torah of Eretz Yisrael in the Weekly Parashah” (2009-2011), and “Reflections from Yerushalayim: Thoughts on the Torah, the Land and the Nation of Israel” (2019) as well as weekly parasha commentary available where he blogs at http://NachmanKahana.com