An open letter to Rabbi Zachariah Wallerstein

It seems we need reminders that no matter how sweet exile, galut, seems, it is not our home. BLM provided them. Don't wait, come now. Op-ed.

Sarah Feld ,

American Jewish tourists at the Kotel (file)
American Jewish tourists at the Kotel (file)
Flash 90

(Second article in Arutz Sheva's special aliya series).

Shalom and greetings from Israel,

The video I saw on Arutz Sheva expressing your concern for American Jews on the eve of what you called a Kristallnacht reminiscent of 1938, was very disturbing for many reasons. The "Night of the broken glass" was a terrifying and defining moment for European Jewry. Today's violent protests, breaking out store windows, thievery and savage physical attacks we are witnessing around America, arouse dread, not only for the Jews still in America, but all Jews who feel responsible one for another.

In truth, the authentic reason to come to Israel is simply G-d's will. He promised it to us, and commanded us to come home. Truly, as we began to return, the land knew us and flourished, as it had not done in two thousand years. We built our homes here, and enjoy hearing the sounds of simcha under the wedding canopy, of learning Torah and of children singing aleph beit throughout the land.

Families may sit under their own grapevines and fig trees, and breathe in the unique air of Israel, that "makes one wise (Tractate Bava Batra 148)". We work the land, and use the wisdom to become a startup nation of amazing innovations. Yet, more than half of world Jewry was not enticed to receive this magnificent gift.

It seems we need reminders. No matter how sweet exile, galut, seems, or may have felt, it is not our home. For some time it has not been possible to feel entirely safe, and now it's become alarmingly dangerous.

Rabbi Wallerstein, after seeing to your video, along with many thousands of others, I was left dangling. You had said it's hard to leave America. We all know the reasons for staying. Yet you said it's time to go. It's no longer our home. We are experiencing nights reminiscent of Kristallnacht.

But Rabbi Wallerstein, it was always only temporary. You know that. The Diaspora - for as long as Muslims occupied and ruled our land and until overt miracles returned us to Jerusalem, the Cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs and to Beit Lechem, to Mama Rachel - was only a stopover, until we could build our permanent homes in our own national homeland.

Rabbi Wallerstein, who will fill the place of the police?. Will it be Antifa? White supremacists? The Mafia? BLM?
From Israel, we smell the frightening smoke. Our people know it well. The house is burning fast, and we are witnessing what we never thought could happen, not today, not 75 years after the Holocaust, and not in America, the "Goldene Medina."

Do Jews even have a future in America? It seems as if G-d sent President Trump to honorably recognize Israel's right to exist, to establish that Jerusalem is indeed the undivided capital of our homeland, agree that sovereignty is ours, and then to hold his fingers in the bursting dam, until the Jews have time to flee, to go to Israel.

How long can He keep the evil ones from bursting through? Liberal progressive governors and mayors are defying his orders to restore law and order, to re- establish police presence, to close up borders. How much longer really, can he hold off the haters, when the leftist media and bought off politicians side with Moslem radicals, Antifa and white supremacists. An anomalous affiliation, they are united in hatred of the Jews, and of others who still believe in G-d, ethical morality and common sense.

Rabbi Wallerstein, the house in burning. The windows and doors cannot hold back the savage attackers.

Rabbinical leaders on the American scene and in Europe have all learned of the tragic mistakes from the Shoah. The inability of sage leaders to say, "It is time to go. Now." There were many years when preparations could have been made. Money could have been transferred, houses and businesses sold, airline reservations easily acquired. Now, either that happened or it didn't. Those are no longer the issues, when the house is burning, and the windows and doors cannot protect you. Comes a time, when it is simply time to go. Like birth, like death, like running from a burning house, whose flaming walls and roofs offer no protection.

Rabbi Wallerstein, who will fill the place of the police?. Will it be Antifa? White supremacists? The Mafia? BLM? Will enough American Jews learn to defend their homes, synagogues, stores as 911 calls go unanswered, or responded to? Will the Jews leave in time, or be able to leave at all?

Rabbi, I'm praying you film another video, very soon. You might say that in searching your soul, you recognized the harsh and immediate dangers. Maybe you'll say you came to the conclusion that material things can be replaced. Life comes first. Save lives. Lead those who may follow you to Israel. From here, continue to convince others. He who saves one life, it's as if he has saved the world.

May G-d bless and protect all of Am Yisrael, wherever they are, and bring them upright into the very, very good land which He has given us as an inheritance and a legacy forever. May G-d give you strength and wisdom to become the leader and role model who encourages his family and all those who look up to you to return to the land of your soul.

Blessings from Israel.

Sarah Feld came on aliyah 40 years ago. An activist for Israel, she designs innovative, meaningful Land of Israel and Jewish-themed jewelry, writes and lives in Kiryat Arba.