One killed in fire in Jerusalem's Geulah neighborhood

30-year-old man trapped in burning building in Geulah neighborhood dies.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Scene of the fire
Scene of the fire

One person was killed Monday morning after a fire broke out in a building in the Geulah neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The fire was reported in an apartment building on Avodat Yisrael Street Monday morning, in the Geulah neighborhood near Meah Sharim.

Fire and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene along with emergency medical first responders.

A man roughly 30 years of age was found trapped inside the burning building, and was pulled from the building and treated by MDA paramedics.

The man, who was found unconscious, suffering from smoke inhalation and burns across his body.

Paramedics were forced to declare the man dead at the scene.

Hogla Erez, an MDA paramedic, said “When we got there we saw fire and thick smoke coming out of a ground-floor apartment in the building. Fire and rescue teams were operating there, and after it became possible to ender the apartment, a man in his 30s was found there and brought out to us. He was unconscious and had burns and was suffering from smoke inhalation.”

“We performed medical examinations; he had no vital signs and we were forced to pronounce him dead at the scene.”