The Mouse that Roared —PA/PLO style

The PA threatens the world- can't you hear the trembling? Me neither. Opinion.

Jack Engelhard ,

 Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard

The PA threatens the world

They are not kidding around this time. This time the PA/PLO really means business…like “The Mouse that Roared.”

As the world trembles (or so he thinks), he speaks…big talk, small man.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, says PA/PLO spokesman Saeb Erekat, fuming, as he gravelly threatens to cut ties with any nation that establishes friendship with Israel.

Those would perhaps be Kosovo and Bahrain-- and which could be the start of something big, as more and more previously reluctant countries are getting in line behind the UAE.

The United Arab Emirates heralded a real peace by coming around to formally extend diplomatic relations with the Jewish State. Good news, right? Nope.

Nothing could be worse for the PA/PLO…which suddenly finds itself out in the cold.

After years of drawing sympathy and riches from the well of self-pity, done, kaput, the same old story won’t sell. The world has finally caught on and had enough.

Nothing could be worse for the PA/PLO…which suddenly finds itself out in the cold.
There is other business to attend…besides the morning cup of grievances being dished by Mahmoud Abbas, and now Saeb Erekat, and that whole crowd.

The world, at least part of it, has grown tired of your intifadas, your days of rage, your incitements, your terrorism, and all of which is meant to prove what?

That you are a civilized people?

Like the worst guest at a party, you have become a bore. Everybody knows the type. The guy with nothing but complaints, but won’t shut up.

Didn’t Abbas already do the threats? Yes, he WARNED President Trump a number of times, until Trump warned him right back.

Turned out that Trump took the initiative. Trump cut off the relationship and the funding.

Not the other way…to the astonishment of Abbas and Erekat and the other PA/PLO/Hamas “leaders” who learned who’s boss.

Imagine the dismay, the chagrin, to find out that you are really not such hot stuff.

But can you blame them? No, you can’t blame them for being bloated with self-esteem.

Any time Arafat or Abbas arrived in Europe, they were feted like rock stars. Elvis lives. Lindbergh is back.

They were the toast of nearly every capital, and the speeches they gave were exactly what the Europeans wanted to hear – Arabs good. Israelis bad.

Arafat and Abbas, full of sound and fury, gave it good, and the Europeans responded to the falsehood/blood libels and the sob stories with thunderous ovations.

Plus, billions in charity.

Whether at the EU, or the UN, the baloney sold.

For all that time, the PA/PLO Arabs were coddled, babied, bathed, petted, diapered, and burped.

Need more love? Come to Paris. Come to Brussels. Come to Mommy.

Read this book. Plus this mighty bestseller.

That one time at the UN, applause after applause, Israel’s “peace partner.” Arafat, showed up holstering a pistol. When Arafat and. Abbas needed a hug, they knew where to go.

Then something happened.

First, Netanyahu stuck to an out-reach program that might or might not work, and finally, with Obama out of the way, along came Trump.

Together, they made it click. For the first time in decades, the Palestinian Arabs were no longer seen as part of the solution, but as part of the problem.

The thing to do was to let them keep on whining, but to ignore them.

That means a new far more promising deck of cards. Shut up and deal.

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