Now can we praise Trump and Netanyahu - please?

The hoopla is over. Did Israel win or lose? Opinon.

Jack Engelhard ,

Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard

We will know sooner or later what, if anything, lurks beneath the peace deal that brought the UAE and Bahrain into the fold with Israel.

If you were there for the signing party on the White House Lawn, or watched it on TV…looks like deservedly, drinks and l’chaim all around.

On the surface.

Which is to say that it is a rotten deal if anything in the fine print offers the Palestinian Arabs a state anywhere within Israel. Anathema, as we have written.

So, if this is but round one of a two-state solution, Israel got taken, again, as with Oslo.

But let’s assume that nothing so sneaky actually took place in the back room. Let us be trusting and optimistic. Let us join Caroline Glick and others in celebration.

In that case, we’re talking real peace in the Middle East. Both Trump and Netanyahu assure us that Bahrain and the UAE are just the start.

More, largely Sunni countries, will be coming to shake hands with the Jewish State. So the plan worked, which was to keep the Palestinian Arabs out of the picture.

Finally, it dawned on people, that the PA/PLO were never part of the solution, but, as noted, always part of the problem. So they were left out in the cold.

“The thing to do,” we wrote, “was to let them keep whining, but to ignore them.”


Good thinking…at last…and so can Trump and Netanyahu finally get an Amen?

They deserve a break.

Netanyahu has been hounded for more than 10 years by the Left. Always something. He accepts cigars, they say, as bribes or illegal gifts.

Then…gevalt…he tries to get better coverage in the Hebrew press. When they can’t get enough on him, they go after his wife.

He is always “under investigation” and THIS CLOSE to being removed from office.

Still, he stands.

For Trump, it’s been that way for four years…and continues without letup, and he too stands and fights, and wins.

That counts as a win, for both leaders, this peace accord that came as a surprise.

Who knew this was coming? The Leftists sure had no clue, because if they did, they’d have jinxed it even before it had a chance to breathe…some way.

One way would be to leak it, and thus scare off the participants.

So far, except for the usual sneer from The New York Times, Leftist Elitists have been relatively silent. What’s to say – peace is no good?

Give them time, though, to find something to nibble at and quibble at, as wouldn’t you know…Trump offered a “bribe” and Netanyahu accepted a “gift.”

That was a Key to the White House as a token of affection from Trump to Netanyahu, a sign of everlasting friendship between the United States and Israel.

The Left, always on the prowl, would perceive it as a welcome Gotcha opportunity.

If not that, they will find something else to spoil this good moment between Israel and some of its neighbors.

But we too would object vigorously if there is even a whisper of a two-state solution within the deal.

Otherwise, party on.

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