House destroyed after phone charger causes fire

Fire in town of Ofra breaks out after phone charged while being placed on a mattress. Firefighters put out blaze without casualties.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

the burned house
the burned house
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A fire broke out house in the town of Ofra in Binyamin as a result of a mobile phone charger which was placed on a mattress.

Firefighters from the Binyamin Regional Station arrived at the house to find it enveloped in flames and smoke. They extinguished the fire and at the same time searched for people trapped inside the house. The fire was put out without any casualties, but the house and its contents was destroyed by the fire.

Reshef Kfir Cohen, who commanded the firefighting unit which put out the blaze, said: "We were called to a fire in a two-story private house. When we arrived at the scene, we saw smoke coming out of the house, the whole house was shrouded in smoke and there was a fire inside."

He added, "Firefighters entered the blaze in parallel with a search for the trapped people and smoke reduction operations. The locus of the fire was in the bedroom. Fortunately the incident ended with no casualties."

A preliminary investigation revealed that the fire broke out from the charger of a mobile device that was connected to the electrical socket and placed on a mattress.

The Israel Fire and Rescue Information Service issued a declaration to the public following the incident: "Installing a smoke detector can save lives and minimize the size of the fire by pre-detection. Do not charge a mobile phone on a mattress."

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צילום: דוברת תחנה אזורית בנימין