Billy Crystal et al – okay if we decide for ourselves?

Crystal teamed up with Kristol to take your mind off what crawls beneath the Dem ticket. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

 Jack Engelhard
Jack Engelhard

This week it’s entertainer Billy Crystal telling us…Jewish Americans…how to vote, as if 85 percent of my people aren’t Democrats already.

Nothing will do, apparently, unless it’s 100 percent…unanimous, in the bag for Biden…who heads a Party…or is it a Cult…that features Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tliab, and Rob Reiner.

Crystal, a Hollywood Lefty, has teamed up with Bill Kristol, a DC Righty, to illustrate that extremes can get along for the good of the country. Biden good. Trump bad.

The idea for the team-up is to medicate you, through smiles and humor, into forgetting what crawls beneath the Dem ticket. In advertising, it is known as the Soft Sell.

Baseless hatred…as now against our President Trump…is precisely the imprecation that has tormented us, as a people, over the centuries.
Forget that for Biden’s eight years in the Obama White House, Israel was in the dog house.

Stay forgetful. Stay dumb. Stay stupid. Stay Democrat.

Their cute approach is something like “When Crystal Met Kristol” …if you remember “When Harry Met Sally,” which succeeded as a comedy

So laugh while you vote for the Biden/Harris ticket (and kiss the Constitution and the country goodbye.)

That was this week. Last week? Sorry you asked. Because never would it enter your mind that people of faith…specifically my faith…could be so brazenly vicious.

This is definitely a Hard Sell. Of course it is when they objectify President Trump as Hitler. This group calls itself Jewish Democratic Council of America…and bills itself pro-Israel.

I don’t know where to begin. So I will take the lazy way out and bring up this excellent analysis from Melanie Phillips, who knows exactly how to slice up such mendacity.

As if we don’t have enough groups that claim to speak for the Jews, this group, JDCA, was founded, 2017, to counter what they say Trump said four years ago at Charlottesville.

Trump said he supported good people everywhere…but never white supremacists. But NEVER won’t do, so the Charlottesville Lie sticks.

Is this Chelm 2020? Except that in Chelm, according to the jokes, they were half-witted, but gentle people…not half-witted AND crude.

Wikipedia names the founders of JDCA, but I won’t name them, to avoid the sin of talebearing, lashon hora.

But they know who they are, and they ought to be ashamed of themselves for sitting among the wicked and the scornful. (David)

Baseless hatred…as now against our President Trump…is precisely the imprecation that has tormented us, as a people, over the centuries.

Jewish history is fraught with such false witnessing against us (as I tell in this CANNES award-winning memoir.)

Do we really need this behavior from our own?

My only comfort is that they do not speak for me…and you?

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