Netanyahu rebukes ministers: Stop tweeting during cabinet meeting

PM Netanyahu angry after Finance Minister Katz tweets during Coronavirus Cabinet meeting.

Ben Ariel ,

The tweet that raised Netanyahu's ire
The tweet that raised Netanyahu's ire

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was furious on Thursday evening after Finance Minister Yisrael Katz posted a tweet during a meeting of the Coronavirus Cabinet.

"I’ve heard about leaks from the cabinet meeting. But I did not hear about live tweets from the cabinet meeting. I ask you to stop immediately. Whoever does this should not sit in the government," Netanyahu told the cabinet ministers.

Netanyahu’s ire was raised by a tweet published by Finance Minister Katz, in which he attacked the ministers from Blue and White who he said were working against the restarting of the trade after declaring that they would fight for the benefit of business owners. “Blue and White once again fight like lions and fall like flies. They said all day that they would fight for the shops and the small businesses and now they are working against them," Katz wrote.

“I respect those who have an opinion different than mine, but not those who are dishonest. If the small businesses need to trust them, it would be better for them to start packing," the Finance Minister added.

Earlier, there was a brief confrontation during the cabinet meeting between Katz and Transportation Minister Miri Regev. Katz said that "we need to help a city like Be'er Sheva to which the residents of Sderot come to see movies."

Minister Amir Peretz commented: "There is a cinematheque in Sderot" and Regev responded, "Katz did not know that, as he has never been there." Minister Katz then fired back at Regev, "I have been to Sderot dozens of times. I did things for the periphery before you even dreamed of being the Minister of Transportation."