Leftist groups plan nationwide chaos for election night

Glenn Beck chief researcher Jason Buttrill details what Leftist groups have planned for Election Night, and Millie Weaver provides details.

Mordechai Sones ,

Dark times over America
Dark times over America

Glenn Beck’s chief researcher, Jason Buttrill, details exactly what Leftist groups have planned for Election Night (and in the days following the election) to spread chaos on the streets.

"One group, Protect the Results, has an interactive map on their website — protecttheresults.com — where you can see if a protest is planned in YOUR city. They receive funding and support from every sinister organization you could imagine; they even proudly include on their partner list the Democratic Socialists of America. So, today at the voting booth, you must decide: do you want to support a party that’s in bed with violence or a party that stands against it?"

Meanwhile, Millie Weaver says: "Organized groups plan to siege the White House and takeover major cities throughout the United States including Washington, DC starting on Election Night."