Shops open despite Health Ministry objections

Finance Minister says he hopes to be able to open malls next week. 'No economy without health, and no health without a string economy.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

stores open
stores open

Street shops opened in green cities across Israel Sunday morning in accordance with the decision of the Coronavirus Cabinet, despite the objections of the Health Ministry, which claimed that the move would lead to another increase in morbidity.

Finance Minister Yisrael Katz stated that he will continue to fight for the opening of more businesses. On his Twitter account, he wrote, "Congratulations to the street shops on their return to work this morning. The malls and markets should be allowed to open next week, depending on the cabinet's decision. The Health Ministry's recommendation to keep them closed and to compensate them is similar to the recommendation to keep a patient on a prolonged infusion instead of curing him and allowing him to return to activity."

He said, "I will work next week to open the malls, trade centers and markets and return them to full operation. There is no economy without health, and there is no health without a strong economy."

This morning, the management of the 'Big' shopping center company will submit to the Supreme Court a demand to be allowed to open its malls.

Kan News reported that the next stage of exiting the lockdown is in down due to a rise in the coefficient of infection, which experts fear could lead to a rise in overall morbidity rates.