God is not abandoning the world, He just wants us to move to Israel!

Regardless who is president of the US next year, God is certainly not abandoning the Jewish People! Israel's history is proof.

Rabbi Yitschak Rudomin ,

צילום: INN: R.R

Understandably, following the last US presidential election there is a lot of anxiety among those who were used to President Donald Trump doing so much for Israel during his tenure, and worry about the future should he not be the next US president.

President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital; moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem; recognized Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights; viewed the settlements in Judea and Samaria as legal; downgraded relations with the bellicose PLO; cut funding to international bodies hostile to Israel; brokered the Abraham Accords making diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan official; defended Israel's rights at the UN; pulled the US out of the flawed and dangerous nuclear agreement with Iran; and most importantly won over the hearts of most Israelis and supporters of Israel in the US and much more. He even commuted Rubashkin's sentence.

Those who supported and benefited from all this are understandably nervous and anxious about the coming days. Who knows, maybe he will still be the US president after January 20th 2021, as so many crazy and miraculous things can still happen. But even if that is not the case, regardless who is president of the US next year, God is not abandoning the world, and certainly, God is not abandoning the Jewish People!

The Jewish history of Israel proves where we are heading. In the 1940s there were about 600,000 Jews in Israel. And approximately every decade since then the Jewish population of Israel has climbed by at least a million Jews every decade! By the 1950s Israel's Jewish population stood at over one million. Two million by the 1960s. Three million by the 1970s. Four million by the 1980s. Five million by the 1900s; six million by the 2000s, and now moving to seven million at the dawn of the 2020s!

What this means is that we must always look at the greater picture, how God is unfolding His Divine Plan in front of our eyes. It means that at the end of the day it does not really matter that much who the president of the US is. Instead it is God's plan that we must try to divine (good pun) and that should give us confidence, relieving all anxieties about Israel's and Jewry's future because no matter who is going to sit in the Oval Office after January 20th 2021, at the end of the day God's plans for the Jewish People and for Israel are inexorable and unalterable and cannot be changed by any mortal enjoying the perks of White House living and power.

History tells us that it was a Democrat, President Harry S. Truman who recognized the new state of Israel in 1948. It was a Republican, President Dwight D. Eisenhower who forced Israel to pull back from its victories in the Sinai Campaign of 1956, it was a Democrat, President John F. Kennedy who tried to put the breaks on the establishment of Israel's nuclear capacity at Dimona in the early 1960s, and a Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson who stood by Israel's side during the 1967 Six Day War. It was a Republican, Richard M. Nixon who okayed the massive resupply of armaments for Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War and it was a Democrat Jimmy Carter who brokered the Camp David peace accords between Egypt and Israel in 1978.

The perilous 1991 Madrid Conference trying to resolve the Palestinian-Israel conflict was hosted by Republican George H. W. Bush. The Oslo Accords of 1993 and 1995 were hosted by Democrat, President Bill Clinton who also oversaw the Israel-Jordan peace treaty of 1994. The 2003-2005 unilateral Israeli disengagement from the Gaza Strip was done under Republican George W. Bush. Very surprisingly, if you look closely at events on the actual ground, hardly anything happened to Israel in real terms, in particular there was no loss, or gain, of territory of Eretz Yisrael, during the eight years of Democrat President Barack Obama, although his dislike of Israel was palpable!

Then along came Republican, Donald J. Trump who moved strategically important diplomatic chess pieces in the Jewish state's favor, mostly having to do with the geo-political notion of recognition: of Jerusalem as Israel's capital; of the Golan Heights under Israel, of legalizing Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria etc.

Put in a greater context these are part of gigantic jigsaw political moves by ongoing US administrations, be they Democrat or Republican that have steadily enhanced and sometimes damaged the security and well-being of Israel's Jews.

Sometimes it is a case of huge leaps of faith, as when Democrat President Truman recognized the new state of Israel in 1948 or when Republican President Richard Nixon resupplied Israel's weapons at the height of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Sometimes Israel got as close to peace as it could get when Democrat President Jimmy Carter brokered the Camp David accords in 1978 and since then there has been no war between Egypt, the largest Arab state, and Israel.

But it was Republican President Eisenhower who kicked Israel out of Sinai in 1956 with nothing in return and Republican George W. Bush who twisted Israeli PM Arik Sharon's arm to get out of Gaza, again with nothing in return and in fact making matters worse allowing the rise of Hamas and its rocketing of Israel nuisance. On the other hand, Democrat Barack Obama notoriously abstained from a UN resolution critical of Israel, at the end of his term of office.

Now, barring some sort of miracle, it looks like Democrat Joe Biden is possibly on the verge of getting into the cockpit and flying the US ship of state. He has many problems to solve in the US: The Covid plague. The crashed economy. Riled up race relations. And much more. He will not be able to focus on foreign relations barring some unforeseen calamity threatening the US from abroad. It will take a long time for the dust of the 2020 presidential elections to settle.

Reports say that Senator Kamala Harris has stated she wants to see the reopening of the PLO offices in America again. There are now millions of Muslims in America with hundreds of torganizations and many other embassies from Muslim countries in the US, so in my opinion, one more office of Palestinian Arabs pretty much changes nothing.

But it is what is happening on the ground in US cities and communities that is important and very concerning. The Covid plague and the recent race riots with the concomitant destruction of life in many key US cities have unsettled and maybe even overturned the apple cart, and we are still in the midst of this dangerous situation. Many people, including many Jews are fleeing states like New York and moving upstate or to New Jersey, and further to Florida, Texas and Arizona. And with that movement and flux will now also come greater thought being given to moving to Israel. Some Orthodox rabbis are quietly and not so quietly seeing and even encouraging congregants to buy apartments in Israel if financially possible.

Coming back to looking at the greater picture again, it is clear to almost all astute observers that the secuirty of Jewish life is at a steep decline in the US. People have not forgotten that right before the outbreak of the Covid plague there were a series of shootings against synagogues and Jews as targets for murder in the US. Then came the Covid plague on top of that. Then came the riots.

This is a volatile socio-economic political and religious concoction and eruption that no president, Democrat or Republican can completely solve. The purpose of it all, if Jewish history is any guideline, is to push the Jews to move to Israel by hook or by crook ,come hell or high water. Apparently, that growth of the Jewish population in Israel by approximately a million every decade since the 1940s is going to continue apace throughout the 2020s and beyond, with increased Aliya to Israel from the United States of America.

Therefore God is not abandoning the world, no matter who is the US president. God wants Jews to eventually move to Israel, and there await the arrival of the true Jewish Messiah.

May it happen sooner rather than later!