Expert: Yamina will gain strength but will not win 20 seats

Scientific director of Miskar polling institute to Arutz Sheva: Yamina is gaining strength but time is working against it.

Nitsan Keidar ,

Yamina's leaders
Yamina's leaders
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Dr. Ido Lieberman of the Western Galilee College, the scientific director of the Miskar polling institute, says that the data emerging from recent polls can teach about trends but nothing more.

"The polls can at this stage indicate the current mood in Israel and nothing more. It must be taken into account that our reality and politics are very dynamic and there is still a lot of political time until the elections," Lieberman told Arutz Sheva.

Asked about the status of the Yamina party and whether it could be defined as a balloon that could burst, Lieberman replied, "It is a balloon but not too big of a balloon. Polls show an increase in the number of voters for Yamina. I do not believe they will win 20 seats and not even close to that. However, they will have more seats than they have now. The Yamina party is made up of a very diverse public - some religious, some non-religious - and it is more difficult to accurately poll it."

With Blue and White, on the other hand, Dr. Lieberman said "the polls are more credible. The party's voter segment is very clear and limited and it will be very difficult to grow - especially since we are talking about the current format of Blue and White and not the one that ran in the previous election."

Dr. Lieberman is unfazed by the weakening of the Likud in the polls, saying, "Netanyahu is the Prime Minister and is considered a political magician. He knows how to handle the election period and everything before it and he will be able to exhaust his political power and reach numbers close to what he is used to."