Political sanity…anyone, anywhere?

Dear Israel – you do not have to do everything we do. We are flattered, but this is not the best time to play follow the leader. Opinion.

Jack Engelhard ,

Demonstrators protest outside of the Knesset
Demonstrators protest outside of the Knesset
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

So it’s back to that – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must go.

How many times are they going to keep trying? Well, this would be the fourth, in under two years.

Israel, at the moment, is doing okay so far as peace and security, thanks to some wonderful teamwork between President Trump and Netanyahu in terms of rapprochement between Israel and her neighbors, the UAE and others, but the politicians won’t leave well enough alone. No, there must be chaos. There must be upheaval. There must be reckoning.

Led, it appears, by Benny Gantz and friends, there’s a serious move afoot to dissolve the Knesset in order to dissolve Netanyahu, and hence possibly another round of elections.

You’ve heard this before? Don’t blame me…and yes, together, we are all hearing it again…again, and again, and again.

Gantz, by the way, already serves as defense minister, and as alternate prime minister, eventually to get the seat, but not soon enough, apparently.

So it’s back to Netanyahu’s “corruption” and “indictment” for cigars, and his desire for more leniency from the clamorous Hebrew press, and whatever else they can cook up.

For all that heckling, might as well be Trump we are talking about…as someone who gets nothing but incoming day after day. Still.

They’re even angling to put Trump on trial AFTER he leaves office for the crime of being Donald Trump, and same goes, we hear, for Netanyahu.

Dear Israel – you do not have to do everything we do. We are flattered, but this is not the best time to play follow the leader.

Kerry is by far the stupidest or most sinister US politician, ever. The prospect of having him back in action, is terrifying.
Right now, politically, we are so dysfunctional that we have no right to teach anybody about anything.

Now it is Georgia on our minds.

Soon, Jan. 5, voters in Georgia will decide who will run the Senate, which means partly the Congress, which means the Republic, and if it falls to the Democrats, we all fall down.

It means that Biden will have a free hand to do anything he wants, and with John Kerry back in the picture, nobody is safe. Nobody in America. Nobody in Israel. Nobody in the world.

He’s to be in Biden’s cabinet as the expert on climate and on everything that walks, crawls and flies.

Kerry…the “architect” of Obama’s Iran Deal, which forked over billions for the mullahs to enrich their uranium, their pockets, their Hezbollah, their global terrorism…Kerry is by far the stupidest or most sinister US politician, ever. The prospect of having him back in action, is terrifying…as we see already through Biden’s readiness to get back to the old Iran Deal as manufactured by Kerry. Disaster.

“Bad for America, bad for Israel, bad for the world,” Netanyahu warned the US Congress back on March, 2015 – but perfectly all right for Biden 2020 and beyond.

Voter fraud did this? Oh, surely.

The same scoundrels who gave Trump no rest all these years…you expected them to keep hands off an election…THE election?

Rather, this is what they’d been plotting in the back rooms since, and even before, Trump got sworn in.

I say “back rooms” but the fix was in right out in the open…starting with the free-for-all “mail in ballots” racket. So that everybody can vote, by hook or by crook.

All that, while the whole world has been watching…watching the superpower of freedom decompose into third world harlotry.

Biden’s other cabinet picks are beginning to scare people, and, probably too late, people are starting to miss the good old days under Trump.

Yes, Megyn Kelly, who won’t speak to me ever since I wrote that quick novel imagining what it must be like being married to her, now speaks up for Trump.

For some time, she was his number one media nemesis. She has come around.

We seem to agree that as Trump won the people, he was never a fit for the Establishment.

Trump, even as president, and for all his successes, was always the outsider, and apparently, through no fault of his own, it will cost him.

To lose Netanyahu under the same circumstances would be a double kick to the head.

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